Samuel Brealey started a Twitter thread stating Marketing is not advertising.

« @SamuelBrealey: Marketing is not advertising. Just a quick reminder… lots more can be done for businesses that doesn’t involve spending money on media. Too much focus on comms, here and everywhere. »

« @GazYorkshire Replying to @SamuelBrealey: Can you give examples of “lots more can be done” I’m at my wits end. »

« @SamuelBrealey Replying to @GazYorkshire: Workout a full marketing funnel that covers every stage, tailored to the business itself. Then look for gaps in relative conversion rates, often ends up being operational issues such as poor follow through with leads, bad point of sale etc. None of these are advertising. »

« Ken Chow @techmktr Replying to @SamuelBrealey: True enough, but delivering even the most compelling messages to an audience already bombarded with generally insipid content leads many marketers to substitute volume for quality and effective targeting. Moreover, reliance on marketing technology re-enforces this disconnection. »
« @SamuelBrealey: You wouldn’t believe how much clearing out of martech I have to do… it’s actually saddening, misold stupid software that costs a fortune. Hard hold to get out of if contracts are in place. »

« @ShahinKhan Replying to @SamuelBrealey: Marketing optionally includes advertising. »

« @keerti_007: A brand plan has to provide size of prize, channel wise distribution targets and margin goals that need price-pack architecture properly worked out not just tinkered with. Marketers work with channel sales, finance and revenue growth management teams on a routine basis. »

« @BernardJansen: The level of data and “infrastructure” needed to populate this type of plan is exclusively available to large brands. That’s not criticism; it’s just an observation. »

« keerti @keerti_007 Replying to @BernardJansen: That is so true. It took me QUITE a while to adjust when working in a data deprived market (Middle East) and a start up. »

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