Rob Meyerson wrote an article for Entrepreneur magazine titled Don’t Change Your Brand Name — Unless You Really Have To (June 2, 2022).

« Err on the side of consistency. When clients ask about changing a name (or a logo, for that matter), I always remind them that their default position should be to avoid change. Both long-standing marketing wisdom and recent marketing science point to the importance of consistency in building strong brands. In their 1981 classic, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote, “More than anything else, positioning requires consistency. You must keep at it year after year.” And more recently, Dr. Jenni Romaniuk of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute advised, “When assets have been embedded for a while, it is tempting to tinker with them. Don’t. … Fight the natural urge … to change your Distinctive Assets.” (Building Distinctive Brand Assets) »

« Name changes come with many costs — time, money, lost brand equity — and risks. »

« Rooted in an understanding of the context, brand names should be assessed in each of three categories of qualities: strategic, creative, and technical:

  • Strategic qualities can include what the name means or implies to relevant audiences…
  • Creative qualities include memorability and whether or not a name sounds and looks good…
  • Technical qualities, like legal availability, linguistic viability, and ease of spelling and pronunciation, are arguably the easiest to measure…

To conduct the assessment, assign the name “grades” in each of these categories of qualities. »

« When should you change the brand name? Of course, there are situations in which a name change is recommended, or even necessary. Here are six situations in which a name change may be required: Legal challenges… Offensiveness… Merger or acquisition… Infamicide… Bullies… Growth… »

Rob Meyerson is author of Brand Naming: The Complete Guide to Creating a Name for Your Company, Product, or Service.

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