A Dalhousie University alumnus asks finance professor Rick Nason, “What are the 2-3 most important elements you see globally, that company leaders should pay attention to so that they can start getting comfortable being uncomfortable, especially in the face of the looming recession?”

“The first rule of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is to be a learner.  Learn broadly. Learn creatively.  Learn diversely.”

“The manager who can connect the most dots, as well as the most diverse dots, is the manager with the competitive advantage.”

“Empathy is understanding why people think and act as they do.  Empathy does not mean that you agree with them.”

Prof. Nason quotes a question from Geoff Colvin’s book Humans are Underrated: He states that the better question to ask is: “What is it that I can do that people do not want or will not allow a computer, or a bot to do?”

“The manager of the 20’s needs to understand and appreciate complexity.  That is a different set of skills, and a different set of attributes than we normally associate with management.  Our management paradigms, as well as our educational paradigms, both in business education, and general education, have almost completely ignored complexity.  I believe that complexity knowledge is the killer app for managers.”

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