Ellen Hammett  wrote an article for Marketing Week titled P&G puts focus on reach.

“Procter & Gamble is reinvesting the parts of its media budget it found were being wasted into increasing the number of people it reaches… P&G’s brand boss Marc Pritchard said the focus for the company is on reaching more people, which it is looking to do by reducing frequency, particularly online… ‘What’s important is how many people we’re reaching,’ said Pritchard.”

“‘We’re finding that we’re reaching more people and we’re trying to reduce the amount of times we reach the same person over and over again. Excess frequency is the biggest waste and in every aspect of our media we’re finding waste to allow us to be able to invest back in creating reach.'”


“Driving up reach is key as P&G looks to increase the volume of search queries around its brands. Pritchard said that search has become a key metric for the company in terms of determining the effectiveness of its creative and campaigns because it shows the advertising has piqued people’s interest and driven them to find out more. ‘The best measurement is people who are searching,’ Pritchard said. ‘So when we see an increase in search we see an increase in sales.'”

Brand Safety

“He does believe that things have changed ‘quite substantially’ over the last two years and said the industry is now moving to what he calls ‘transparency 2.0’. ‘That is auditing of brand safety and control over content quality, civility of editorial comments and cross-platform measurement to ensure we don’t have excess frequency of advertising. That’s the next generation,’ Pritchard said.”

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