Mark Armstrong wrote a blog post titled There’s More To Marketing Than Analytics & Efficiency.

“I’m not going to argue against analytics. It’s useful to know what’s resonating with your target audience. You’d be foolish to ignore that information.  But numbers aren’t the whole story. If you follow them slavishly, you’ll limit yourself to what’s worked before. You’ll shy away from breaking new ground. Without consciously thinking about it, you’ll be more averse to risk, more apt to play it safe– and that’s the biggest risk of all for a brand.”

“Tricia Wang … warns about quantification bias: valuing the measurable over the immeasurable. She says thick data (the human, derived from small samples) has to inform big data (the numbers, derived from large samples).”

“Innovation, imagination, risk. They’re all linked. To succeed, brands must embrace all three.”

Data needs to inform the creative, but it’s just as important for creatives to inform the data.”

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