Eliza Blanchard wrote an article for TD Magazine titled The Curiosity Gap.

«  Does your organization value curiosity? »

« A new SurveyMonkey study asked more than 23,000 people, including 16,000 employees and 1,500 C-suite leaders, whether their organizations value and reward curiosity. This research uncovered a dramatic gap in how these two groups perceive curiosity, with 83 percent of executives saying that curiosity is encouraged within their organizations but only 52 percent of individual contributors agreeing. »

« This gap has practical implications for workplace innovation. »

« Behavioral scientist Francesca Gino… discusses a separate study she conducted of 520 chief learning and talent development officers in which leadership reported discouraging curiosity. The leaders believed that curiosity would lead to disagreements, slow down decision making, and generally make their workforce harder to manage. »

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