Harry Lang wrote an MarketingWeek article titled Amazon proves consumers are choosing easy over ethical.

« For all the talk of conscious consumerism, Amazon’s market dominance continues apace despite its low tax bill and its excessive packaging. »

« In a Trojan horse move of such astounding arrogance it’s barely believable, Amazon sold Alexa as a ‘digital home assistant’, making it seem like a beneficial lifestyle tool, rather than a bugging device. »

« In the USA, Amazon hasn’t paid a penny in federal income tax for the past two years, despite revenues of $233bn and profits of $10.07bn in 2018… In an era of supposedly woke consumerism in which corporate social responsibility, purpose and brand activism are apparently high on a shopper’s agenda, the majority of us are gleefully (if covertly) one-clicking our casual shopping via Amazon, and accepting unnecessarily over-packaged parcels every week, if not every day. »

« This insane and frankly dangerous obsession with immediacy in our current ‘now’ culture, and our addiction to rafts of unnecessary consumer goods, puts the environment firmly below retail therapy, price and convenience in our collective priority lists. »

« So-called ‘meaningful marketing’ – in which brands adopt a stance on a popular social issue – was meant to be on-trend but, really, do the majority of consumers truly care? Or do they just want to be seen to be caring? Hashtag-activism is certainly thriving. »

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