Cheryl Calverley from an article for MarketingWeek titled In these times of crisis, marketers must bow down to the COO (27 March 2020). 

« The offering so far from our esteemed community appears to be a rehashing of analysis on ‘What happens when brands go dark in recessions’  …  But the analysis lacks the critical nuance that must be applied here, in this situation. This is not a recession. It might become one, but right now, it is a pandemic.  »

« That means brands fall into one of three categories. Either their demand has gone through the roof, and their supply chain is tightening. »

« We must use our skills to manage demand to best fit supply and that includes downwards. We need to do all we can to avoid the inflationary pressures that will inevitably be coming and rework our pricing models to try and sustain the customer value equation we’ve built so carefully. »

« We must work on our product and customer experience, so that even under the pressure of a patched-together supply chain and inflating material pricing, our brand is not damaged by reduced product quality. »

« In a recession, communication can generate latent demand that will one day be realised. In a supply constrained situation, willy-nilly demand generation risks doing more harm than good to customers, to businesses, to your product and customer experience, and, most importantly, your brand. »

[Corona virus, COVID-19 ]

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