Jillian Hogan, Diane Jaquith & Lauren Gould wrote an article for Art Education titled Shifting Perceptions of Quality in Art Education.

« As we consider art education for future generations, we envision a change in focus from the product, or artwork, to the artistic process—the thinking behind the artwork. »

« While we certainly do not expect content knowledge and technical skills to become obsolete, the capacity to independently behave as an artist, using critical and creative thinking, could matter far more. »

« 21st Century Skills: The “4 Cs” …

  • critical thinking,
  • creativity and innovation,
  • collaboration, and
  • communication. »

« The child—not the teacher—is the creator, with full access to materials and resources of their choosing. When students are trusted to behave like artists, teachers have the opportunity to observe the quality with which students think as artists because they have made the majority of decisions about the work. »

« Instruction in TAB [Teaching for Artistic Behavior ] classes focuses on introductions to media, techniques, and artists with the gradual release of additional resources to expand media offerings that students may access independently. As the year progresses, teachers model artistic thinking habits, including goal setting, as students assume increased agency.»

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