Tom Roach wrote an blog post titled The Wrong and the Short of it.

« Short-termism and long-termism are both just wrong-termism. So let’s end the false choice between long and short-term marketing tactics, maximise the compound effects of getting them working together in harmony, and start to close the value-destroying divide between ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketing. It’s limiting marketing effectiveness and brand growth, when we’ve never needed them more. »

« Long term ‘VS’ short term is probably the most commonly cited false choice in marketing. And that’s saying something, as we love false dichotomies in this industry: brand vs performance, emotional vs rational, creativity vs technology, intuition vs data, art vs science, to name just a few that we constantly debate. »

« there’s a ready and growing supply of ‘performance’ marketing specialists and a dwindling supply of ‘brand’ marketing specialists – a factor that further exacerbates the divide. »

« But communications that are successful over the long term don’t work by activating some kind of ‘sleeper cell’ in buyers’ minds which suddenly bursts into frenzied commercial action after many months of lying completely dormant – communications need to achieve some level of short-term sales success as well as improving a brand’s mental availability if they’re also going to achieve long-term growth. »

« THE LONG THROUGH THE SHORT OF IT. It’s never been more important to make every marketing $ work as hard as it possibly can. We’ve never been more aware that without short-term success there may not even be a long-term for some of our brands. And the best way of securing both will be to embrace the fertile middle-ground that lies in combining the power of short and long-term effects. »

«And Google believe ‘share of search’ may reflect brand health and market share for brands in some categories  »

Share of Search = (searches for brand X)  /  (searches for all brands in category)

JP Caslin tweeted: «  “Les Binet is doing some great work looking at whether a brand’s share of google search can predict its market share.” I’ve done similar work – the reverse is true. Market share predicts share of Google search. It all just follows the laws we already know (NBD, DJ etc.).  »





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