Dave Trott wrote a blog post titled Burger Off.

« Bill Bernbach said: “Principles endure, formulas don’t”… Put simply, with a principle you have to use your brain, with a formula you don’t. Which is why lazy people prefer formulas. »

« McDonalds are the biggest, they own the market. Burger King are smaller. So both campaigns have to do different jobs.

Being the biggest, McDonalds just has to grow the market for burgers, by selling burgers they benefit more than anyone else.

Burger King can’t do that, if they simply sell burgers McDonalds will benefit most, so they have to take market share from McDonalds. »

« McDonalds has to say: “You know what you REALLY want is a burger”.

Burger King has to say: “Here’s how we’re different to McDonalds”. »

Dave Trott is author of One + One = Three: A Master Class in Creative Thinking.

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