Carolyn Barclay wrote a blog post titled Waxing lyrical: how my failed career as a songwriter helps me write better copy.

« Fearlessness became important to me as a songwriter and that has followed me into copywriting. I aim to tap into those fleeting, barely acknowledged thoughts we all have. The gut reactions. The lizard brain. That’s what will give a listener or reader that uncanny feeling of being seen, heard and understood. »

« By way of more formal training, I tracked down a copy of Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison. As a professor of music and songwriting, he developed the curriculum at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. I figured they were fairly solid credentials. »

« Pat is also a proper broken record about sense-bound writing. This, he insists, is what will save you from the dreaded cliché. When you stimulate a reader’s senses, you’ll have them tap into their own files of experience and imagery. That’s what will make the specific universal, instead of generic and snoozeworthy. »

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