Les Binet and Sarah Carter wrote an article titled Stick with what works. The article originally appeared in the July/August 2011 issue of Admap as part of a Mythbuster series. The series of 66 articles was repackaged as a book titled How Not To Plan: 66 Ways to Screw it Up.

« Felix has only ever had one campaign. »

« Our econometric work on Felix showed the advertising becoming more, not less, effective over time. That’s the virtue of consistency. »

« the desire for change usually has more to do with marketing and advertising egos than responsible brand stewardship.  »

« Campaigns, even individual executions, take much longer to wear out than is often feared. Having studied decades of econometric analysis on the subject, one major advertiser recently concluded the idea of wear-out may be a myth.  »

« Most effective advertising works by building emotive associations at a less conscious level. This takes time and, above all, consistency, so new communication builds on what has gone before. »

« As a result, the relentless pursuit of novelty can lead to money being wasted.  »

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