Alastair Thomson posted a piece on his blog Uncommon Sense from the World of Finance titled How sweary chefs, innuendo-fuelled bakers and exasperated hoteliers guarantee great customer service« In the pursuit of great customer service there are nearly always better, simpler and more cost-effective ways of making improvements than introducing new procedures. (In fact I’d argue that I’ve never seen a new formalised procedure, beyond a threshold level, adding any value from a customer’s perspective at all.) »

« Almost nobody thinks about what they should stop doing to improve customer service. But if you’re serious about creating a world-class experience for your customers, your first question…to real customers, rather than your marketing department, a software vendor or a consulting firm…should be “what specifically do we do now that irritates or annoys you?” Then, whatever they say annoys them, stop doing that as quickly as you can unless there’s some legal reason you can’t.  »

« Watch just about any one of those Gordon Ramsay programmes where he turns around an under-performing restaurant. Part of his turnaround plan is nearly always paring down a hugely ambitious menu with 77 different choices across 8 different styles of cuisine down to a dozen or fewer meal options… It’s what they do next that is the ultimate secret of their success.  Yes, they do fewer things. But they do them so much better than they used to. Instead of frozen steaks of questionable provenance, Gordon Ramsay brings in fresh, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus steak…sometimes even at a higher price than the restaurant paid before (although, surprisingly perhaps, that’s not always the case).»

« Your business will be easier to run, your running costs will be lower and your customers will be happier.»

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