Lizzie Benton wrote an article for SME Magazine titled 5 Simple Ways to Tell Your Team Are Disengaged.

«  In the UK alone disengaged employees cost organisations an estimated £52 billion per year in lost productivity, and with recent reports from Gallup that 73% of the UK workforce claim to feel disengaged, it’s no surprise that many organisations want to turn the tide on the disengagement data.  »

«  Hold Regular 121’s. [Presumably, this means 1-on-1 meetings]

No matter the size of the organisation, employees should have regular 121’s with a leader or coach to support them and keep them motivated in the goals they would like to achieve.

Unfortunately, many goals in an organisation are predetermined by management rather than coming from the employee themselves; it’s no wonder they feel disengaged if they didn’t choose the path they have been put on.

By having a regular 121 they are able to stay [focused] and driven on their goals within the organisation, and feel supported rather than just left to get on with it.

All goals need a path, and you cannot expect an employee to try and manage both their job role and goals solely without any external mentor or guide.   »

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