Claire Cain Miller and Sanam Yar wrote a New York Times article titled Young People Are Going to Save Us All From Office Life.

« When Pew Research Center asked which work arrangement would be most helpful to people, young people were more likely than older people to say the flexibility to choose when they worked. Of people 18 to 29, men were more likely than women to say it, and people without children at home were as likely as parents to say it. »

« In a survey of 11,000 workers and 6,500 business leaders by Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group, the vast majority said that among the new developments most urgently affecting their businesses were employees’ expectations for flexible, autonomous work; better work-life balance; and remote working. (Just 30 percent, though, said their businesses were prepared.) »

I commented on a Twitter thread about this article: « There is truth to the substance of work getting done versus the [appearance] of looking busy argument. However, an organization is more than the sum of individuals’ tasks; organizational effectiveness is not the sum of individual productivity. Collaboration requires some balance here. »

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