Giles Hedger wrote an article called The Fallacy of our Time about how technology has become the tail wagging the marketing dog. Here are some highlights:

“The belief that marketing…can be stripped of all its joyful subjectivity until all that remains between consumer and brand is transaction. It is the fallacy of our time.”

“Too often we have declared an age of never-ending disruption, in which the only certainty is that relentless and unpredictable waves of change will bedevil us, mocking our efforts to think in any stable way about anything.”

“The effect of modern networks is to converge around the temporal and the mundane, and this pushes the big picture out of view.”

“Marketing, however efficiently it runs, will never be about reductive computation.”

“And if there is one challenge for brand owners and their agencies, then surely it is to achieve and maintain creative intensity… Creative intensity means stepping back from the limitless matrix of touchpoint permutation and finding a brand’s high-value communication opportunities.”

“I remember a time maybe ten years ago, when roughly a third of all the departmental expenses I signed fell into categories of cost best described as brain food. Books, journals, lectures, trips to exhibitions and galleries, visits to museums, edifying adventures in consumer-land… people doing whatever they needed to do to feed the only real asset in a knowledge economy: the mind. It happens far less nowadays because, apparently, everything we need to know is somewhere on the internet.”

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