Samuel Brealey posted an article on substack titled What’s a brand with no money?

« the cold reality is that your brand is whatever your customer thinks it is, and that’s it. The job to be done – is to figure out what potential and existing customers actually think of you. »

« The simplest way to do this is through talking to your best customers, or through your first customers if you’ve only just started. You want qualitative answers – and the way to get good answers is to let people ramble, then disect the conversations and look for *common* themes in their answers. Not outliers. »

« Once you’ve got that juicy qualitative stuff, you can turn it into quant to “proof” it. »

« If customers say you are “Speedy, On time everytime” that’s your positioning/brand – whether you like it or not. Move away from the cliches… no more We’re innovative, creative, results driven. »

« because it’s about what’s received, not about what’s sent. So figure that out first, otherwise you are just playing guessing games. Which is more expensive, and more frustrating.»

« By doing this, it will make messaging much simpler, because you have an idea of what appeals to existing customers who will be pretty similar to any new customer. »

« And when the customer buys, the experience matches the messaging… bingo, they got exactly what they hoped for. »

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