Helen Edwards wrote an article for Marketing Week titled Great marketers don’t sell dreams, they sell realities.

« … another commentator ventures that while [Theranos founder Elizabeth] Holmes might have been a flawed entrepreneur she was “a great sales marketer” – as though marketing is all persuasion and no delivery.

It isn’t and she wasn’t. Great marketers don’t just work out what the world is missing, but determine the pathway, with as much specificity as necessary, to ensure that it gets delivered – for the betterment of both consumer and business. »

« We should be automatically suspicious of leaders who leave out the ‘how’ of their prospective storyline, since they are voluntarily sacrificing the meatiest bit. Does it mean they have no idea of how stories work, or that they simply have no idea how the glorious future state they describe can be brought about?  »

« Real marketers never confuse vision for strategy. Real leaders are unafraid of detail and data. And real storytellers do not merely tease with the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ – but illuminate, surprise and excite with the ‘how’. »


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